HOMETRAILS.RUN is an online community for trail- and mountain runners in Europe. We run, explore, share, care and respect.

Running is our passion. We run because it makes us better persons and it gives us the opportunity to explore beautiful landscapes around the European continent. We like to share our experiences and adventures.

We care about the environment and the natural surroundings we run through. Therefore we respect it in every way we can. We try to live with a small ecological footprint because we want our children to enjoy our beautiful world as well.

HOMETRAILS.RUN is founded by Edwin Verdurmen en Barbara Kerkhof. Edwin is an architect, program maker and runner. For him running is a way of getting in contact with nature and exploring the most beautiful landscapes of the European continent. Barbara is a writer, photographer and runner. Running for her is an adventure, a voyage that can disconnect you from your daily routines.

You can contact with us by sending an e-mail to run@hometrails.run